Body and silence (Cuerpo y silencio)

A video art exhibition curated by Gabriela Golder and Andres Denegri, specially designed for V Buenos Aires International Festival Meeting Hall that generates a present panorama on the relation between the body of the video artist and the video camera, one of the most important tendencies on video art production.
With videos filmed by Ángeles Caseres, Milena Pafundi, Carlos Trilnick, Gustavo Caprin, Leonello Zambon and Carola Dreidemie.


The historical context where the first nonprofessional video cameras make their appearance was the most adequate to give origin to one of the fundamental directrix on the video graphic production, the so called video performance.

During the second half of the 60`decade, in the heat of height and consolidation of the artistic practices of nonobjective and process character, the video appears to cover the necessity to generate a documentation that adjusts to these practices characteristics. Soon this function of mere registry will be surpassed to give rise to works that are conceived specifically for the camera.

Therefore, the electronic image meets the human body to produce the most solid proposals on the history of video art. Far from disappearing this line of production that crosses dance, performance, theater, body art, with image in movement, today proposes fresh and forceful art pieces as in those mythical times, approaching to us works extremely simples in their technical level but with such a dominion of means that impose conceptual solidity without leaving poetic artfulness.