VER Cine y Video Experimental Latinoamericano


The film and video programs projected in VER are composed by works presented at the Norberto Griffa Prize for Latin American Creation, which is granted by the Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento (BIM), activity organized by the Center of Audiovisuals Investigations CONTINENTE of the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
VER aims to the circulation of video and experimental pieces in different exhibition spaces and in diverse latitudes with the objective of taking the Latin American audiovisual to new audiences.

Exhibition proposal

VER programs: Overview of the Latin American Audiovisual Creation, can be adapted to different exhibition modalities, as cinema and video projections in an auditorium, installations in an art gallery space, or video projections in loop in the black/white cube format.

The Center of Audiovisuals Investigations CONTINENTE gives curatorial proposals that are framed in each exposition’s context, contemplating the local or global events, the specific problems of each format and the conceptual and formal associations of the works selected in each case. Thereby its generated a continuity with what happens during the Biennial, promoting the study and activation of the works and the Latin American context in which they are produced.

During 2015 VER programs were shown in the Auditorium of the Contemporary Art Space (EAC), Montevideo, Uruguay, March 13th; in the Consulate General of Argentina in New York, EE.UU, April 23rd; in the Iberoamerican Institute of Finland in Madrid, Spain, between May 14th and July 31st; in the Auditorium of the Museum of Contemporary Art of the state of Buenos Aires (MAR – Mar del Plata), between July 20th and 30th; in the Festival Cidade Eletronika, in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, between October 7th and 13th; in the Cinemateca Distrital of Bogotá, Colombia, between October 14th and 16th; in the Biennial of Medial Arts of Santiago de Chile, between October 8th and 25th; Hors Pistes Rosario, in the Faculty of Humanities and Art, in Rosario, Argentina, November 12th; among others.


The Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento (BIM) is dedicated to experimental cinema and video. The audiovisual works displayed in museums and screened in programs at theatres and cinemas are accompanied by a diversity of activities creating a truly enriching atmosphere for the spectator (workshops, lectures, seminars, meetings with artists, roundtable debates).

The audiovisual arts have a particular, mixed essence that shares a strong leaning towards the alternative with the incursion into the terrain of more institutionalized contemporary art. Historically, experimental cinema has been more inbred in its behaviour. While not recognised by most as cinema and generally ignored by the art world, it made its own ground that resulted in its preserving, save some exceptional cases, an insular attitude. The boom in mass market video equipment in the 1970s was quickly harnessed by various artists on the contemporary art circuit who understood the aesthetic richness of this new format.