To have lots of fun and to narrate from boredom.
The non-emancipated story.


Workshop given by QQ, a duet compound by the visual artists Vicente Vázquez and Usue Arrieta.

Through the viewing and analysis of works made by a dozen of artists that are part or the Hamaca catalogue, we are going to draw a map of conceptual indices, creative strategies and videographic resolutions that are portrayed by the artistic production as a way for resistance based on a reflection about the non-productive work. We are going to debate (through the selected examples) the production and diffusion contexts that can lead to this kind of practices: the disenchantment on the big utopias of the 20th century, the awareness on the art absorption by cultural industries and the crisis of the great stories; the pathetic, the dismantling revision of the works of art of the 20th century and the blurring of the fiction and reality categories are going to be some of the hotspots of the analysis made with the goal of making a cartography of the artistic production that starts with the exhaustion to generate its own production on a counterpoint to the enthusiasm or the euphoria in which the creative act its generally conceived.

This workshop’s objective it’s to deploy a net of ideas and practical tendencies that allows a boost of the debate about the possibilities of video art as a way of effective resistance.

The workshop it’s focused specially to those individuals and collectives, students, graduates, PhDs and postgraduates interested in the field of audiovisual creation, as to writers, screenwriters, artists, critics, and virtually any person that is interested on going deep on the different existing video operations and acquiring new tools for the analysis and critique of it.

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