Lebanon Videoart

Work of young artists of Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA)
Curated by Jacko Restikian and Ricardo Mbarkho


On Thursday July 15 LEBANON Video Art will present an unprecedented selection of works by emerging artists from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts. The works will be presented by the video artist Gabriela Golder, a teacher of video at the Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero.


THURSDAY, July 15, 2010 | 19 PM | Free admission


Av. Córdoba 946. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.
Coordinator: Victoria Simón


  1. Fragments d’un certain néant, de Nahed Mansour
  2. Takassim, de Charbel Chamoun
  3. Drugs and nature, de Ziad Abillama
  4. Images,

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  5. Hiber{nation}, de Dona Timani
  6. Beyrouth Medusa, de Jean-Nöel Aoun
  7. Infijar (Explosion), de Mansour El-Habre
  8. … Un charme irrésistible …, de Thérésia Antably


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