Lúcida on the FLVR

Presentation of 4 chapters of Lúcida on September 6th, on the MACRO.


LÚCIDA is a television program that creates a space for the diffusion of latin american video, created by Andres Denegri and Gabriela Golder, and produced by the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero and CONTINENTE.

LÚCIDA proposes a reflective tour on the video works of our continent. It exhibits videos of latin american artists presenting current productions and historical referents.

LÚCIDA is structured by quotes of thinkers and artists, referred to the themes that link the videos, contributing to contextualize the pieces and stimulating dialogue between them.

Over 300 artists have been contacted from all around the continent, and there has been a selection of approximately forty pieces from different places, among them Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Peru and Colombia.

LÚCIDA thinks television as a space to exhibit latinamerican video. It doesn´t try to generate a pedagogical proposal, therefore it’s not a program about video, but thematic curatorships of audiovisual pieces.

LÚCIDA was emitted by Canal (á) in 2007 and 2009, but is currently undertaking a different path, finding itself with a new audience in festivals, cultural centers and museums.

Lúcida – technical data:

Format: series of 14 episodes, 26′ long each
Idea and making: Gabriela Golder and Andrés Denegri
General production: Victoria Simón
Graphics: Uuti
Edition: Sebastián Miranda
Original music: Santiago Villa
Assistance: Melina De Martino

LÚCIDA it’s a production of the Centro de Producción Audiovisual of the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero and CONTINENTE.
The authorities of the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero that gave us their support and without whom this project wouldn’t be possible are:

Rector: Lic. Anibal Y. Jozami
Vice-rector: Lic. Martin Kaufmann
Director of the Art and Culture Department: Dr. Norberto Griffa

We also want to thank the collaboration of:

Eduardo de Jesús-Gabriela Salgado-Justo Pastor Mellado-José Carlos Mariátegui-Enrique Aguerre-Solange Farkas-Valeria Paz -Gilles Charalambos-Rodrigo Alonso-Graciela Taquíni-Rubén Guzmán-Videobrasil-María Belén Moncayo-Neli Ruzic-José Carlos Mariátegui-Marc Mercier-Néstor Olhagaray-Geraldine Grenón-Norberto Griffa-Abel Cassanelli-Julio Bertolotti

On this edition of FLVR four episodes of the series are presented: