Brandon LaBelle workshop

Presentation of his work + Workshop about Spatial Practices


Workshop about Spatial Practices

Focusing on the performative aspect of the built, the workshop will introduce ideas and methods for working relationally with the built environment:

  • What is my relation to this place?
  • Where are the boundaries between inside and outside?
  • Who is that person over there?

Working in and around an immediate location, the workshop will explore approaches toward working on site through the use of material objects. From this perspective, space is appreciated as a process-in-action based on notions of interaction, generosity and disruption. These ideas will be explored through a one-day seminar and workshop, which aims to explore spatial relations and acts of spatial practice. Following an initial presentation and discussion on spatial practice (experimental architecture, performativity, field work), students will undertake an exercise involving a wooden stick-object to be used in the making of a spatial dialogue: how might this rather

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neutral and ordinary object be manipulated and located to stimulate a spatial conversation with its surroundings? Focusing on an immediate site, the exercise aims to stimulate the spatial imagination by exploring ways to materially supplement and engage with a familiar location. By composing a temporary intervention in relation to a specific location, the exercise puts to use the material object to query how one might participate in spatial relations.


MONDAY 18th of october 2010 | 6:00 PM | Free admission (space is limited to 40 people)


CENTRO CULTURAL BORGES Viamonte esquina San Martín, Buenos Aires.

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About Brandon LaBelle

Brandon LaBelle is an artist and writer. His work explores the space between sound and sociality, using performance and on-site constructions as creative supplements to existing conditions. This often involves collaborative and contextual research and initiative aiming to invite participation and modes of “setting the scene” of a given situation. He is the author of “Background Noise: Perspectives on Sound Art” and “Acoustic Territories: Sound Culture and Everyday Life”. His work has been featured internationally, including the exhibitions and festivals Sound as Media, ICC Tokyo (2000), Bitstreams, Whitney Museum New York (2001), Pleasure of Language, Netherlands Media Art Institute Amsterdam (2002), Undercover, Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde (2003), Radio Revolten, Halle (2006), Poeticas da Voce, at Museum of Contemporary Art, Niterói (2008), and Tuned City, Berlin (2008). In addition his Prototypes for the Mobilization and Broadcast of Fugitive Sound was exhibited at the Enrico Fornello gallery, Prato (2007). His ongoing project to build a library of radio memories was presented at Casa

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Vecina, Mexico City in 2008. He also collaborates within the collective working group, Surface Tension, and the working team, e+l. View more


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